Séminaire Olink Proteomics

Séminaire Targeted Protein Biomarker Discovery in epidemiological and clinical research

Speaker: AnnaLotta Schiller Vestergren, Olink Proteomics
The presentation will briefly consider the importance of proteomics in the context of a multi-omics approach to drive biomedical research forwards. Olink’s solutions for protein biomarker discovery & development are used across a range of applications that can help accelerate precision medicine research, from patient stratification to new drug target identification. The unique technology that enables simultaneous measurement of 92 proteins from just 1 μL of biological sample with high sensitivity and specificity will be described, as well as the extensive quality control and validation procedures that are a cornerstone of our assays and panels.
Examples will also be presented to show how Olink assays compare with other technologies, from clinically-approved single ELISAs to mass spectrometry. The successful use of Olink technology across a broad spectrum of applications will be discussed with specific examples presented. These will include large scale epidemiology/wellness studies, multi-omics studies aimed at better understanding complex biological systems, and a number of disease-focused protein biomarker discovery & development studies. Examples presented will include ovarian cancer, immunotherapy for melanoma, Alzheimer’s disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Finally, the power of combined genomic/proteomic data will be discussed in terms of an independent international consortium that combines Olink protein data and GWAS data to uncover protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) that can be used to identify proteins that are causal in disease, and may provide novel drug targets.

Organisateur : UMS PASS, Plateforme P3S
10 décembre 2019 de 10:00 à 11:00
Faculté de médecine Sorbonne Université,
91 boulevard de l’Hôpital – Salle 219 au 2e étage
Contact : medecine-p3s@sorbonne-universite.fr
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