Séminaire de CORINNE ALBIGES RIZO : Control of cell mechanics by cell adhesion dynamics

Le 20 avril de 12 à 13h, amphithéâtre Babinski

Institut for Advanced Biosciences, Grenoble


Guess : Catherine Coirault

Understanding how cells integrate or adapt multiple signaling spatio-temporal patterns to orchestrate cell plasticity and to achieve specific cell differentiation and tissue specification is a challenging question in cell biology. Cell reprogramming is a classic example of this great plasticity of mesenchymal stem cell. In addition to genetic and heritable epigenetic differences, the local biophysical properties of the microenvironment contribute to cell reprogramming. In that respect, cell reprogramming process reflects the delicate balance of transcriptional drivers and suppressors resulting from signal transduction originating at the membrane where the clustering of adhesive receptors is a key step in transmitting a message towards the nucleus through actin cytoskeleton organization. However the diversity of cell reprogramming might result from distinct spatiotemporal activation profiles of the same repertoire of receptors and downstream signaling proteins to give rise to different gene-expression patterns and diverse physiological responses. Whether the specificity of cell reprogramming or differentiation is determined by the spatiotemporal dynamics of receptors need to be investigated.

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