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CRG 6 : C3E


Expert Center for Endometriosis

The GRC6 was created in 2011 on the topic of endometriosis incorporating different specialties: gynecologic surgeons, medically assisted procreation specialists, endocrinologists, radiologists, pathologists, urologists and digestive surgeons, psychologists, specialists in pain and alternative medicine (osteopathy etc …). This led to the creation of the first multidisciplinary consultation meeting (RCP) in endometriosis in France.

The main objective of the GRC6 is to improve the management of patients with endometriosis by creating a diagnostic center in one day.

The clinical research activity led to the publication of 83 articles. In addition, in connection with the UMRS 938, we supervised 5 masters 2 and 2 PhD students..

At the same time, the GRC6 was sought to participate in the recommendations for the management and treatment of endometriosis under the aegis of the HAS and the CNGOF in 2017.

The project promoter is involved in the endometriosis commission of the CNGOF which published the criteria for defining expert centers in endometriosis. Similarly, we have been sought to create the endometriosis network of the APHP that will be effective in early 2020. Finally, we are responsible for organizing for the DGOS the “bridgeheads” and expert centers for the Ile de France.

As such, Tenon will be “bridgehead” for the North and East territories of Ile de France.

Research theme

The first research theme is the medical and surgical innovations of the treatment of endometriosis.

The second theme concerns the development of methods of preserving fertility including fertility sparing surgery and ovarian cryopreservation.

The third theme of fundamental research is the identification of pathways involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis and the impact of angiogenic factors.



  • Pr Emile Daraï, MD PhD, Gynecologic Surgeon
  • Pr Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet MD, PhD Endocrinologist
  • Pr Cyril Touboul MD PhD, Gynecologic Surgeon
  • Dr Sofiane Bendifallah (MD, PhD) MCU-PH Gynecologic Surgeon
  • Pr Marc Bazot MD, Radiologist
  • Pr Isabelle Thomassin Nagarra, MD PhD, Radiologist
  • Dr Marine Varinot, Pathologist
  • Pr Sidney Houry, MD, Digestive Surgeon
  • Dr Valéria Loi, MD, Digestive Surgeon
  • Pr Olivier Cussenot, MD PhD Urologist
  • Dr Mattieu Haddad, MD Urologist
  • Pr Jean-Marie Antoine, MD, Specialist in Assisted Reproductive techniques
  • Dr Emmanuelle Mathieu-d’Argent, MD, Specialist in Assisted Reproductive techniques
  • Dr Kamila Kolanska, MD, Specialist in Assisted Reproductive techniques
  • Pr Rachel Levy MD PhD Biologist
  • Madame Christelle Lasseron, psychologist
  • Madame Camille Daraï, osteopath



Hôpital Tenon
Service de Gynécologie-­‐Obstétrique et Reproduction Humaine,
4 rue de la Chine
75020 PARIS

Contact of the secretary
Phone : +33 1 56 01 60 07 / 73 18


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