• 12 research units
  • 1 mixed service unit
  • 22 clinical research groups
  • a research and development department
One of the major ambitions of the medical school is to support the research carried out within its teams, whether it is fundamental, clinical and / or translational research. It is for this purpose that two special funds were set up in 2019 for a total amount of € 600,000, entirely dedicated to research structures within the scope of our faculty.

Equipment and works investment fund

The faculty has released a special investment fund to financially support our joint research units (UMR) in the acquisition of equipment and the carrying out of works. This campaign, which benefited all UMRs in the faculty of medicine, also made it possible to finance shared projects between different research units. Following this first fundraising campaign, the faculty decided that this fund will be renewed in 2020.

Research mutual fund

This fund installed in 2019 by the faculty of medicine aims to meet the exceptional needs of research units. On the proposal of the Research Strategy Council (CSR), a budget has been set up to support research units for the organization of symposia, workshops, workshops or to finance the participation of doctoral students in congresses. This support, which will be renewed in 2020, will then also be open to the 21 newly labeled Clinical Research Groups (GRC). This year, this fund also made it possible to support the setting up of structuring European projects led by colleagues from the faculty of medicine.

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