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- Dento-cranio-maxillo-facial orthodontic interuniversity diploma
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General Coordinator : Pr Patrick Goudot, Pr Olivier Trost
Teaching Directors : Dr Thomas Schouman, Dr Jean-Baptiste Kerbrat, Dr Michel Lanacastet, Dr Thomas Schouman
Coordinators: Dr. Bachar Taha Dr. Ismail Alkhatib
Lecturers: Dr. Mahmoud Suliman, Dr. Suliman Shahin, Dr. Azzam Obeidine
Faculty of medicine number : 1X152X (1st year), 2X152X (2nd year), 3X152X (3th year)
Continuing education number  : D302
Goal : This Diploma addresses and deepens all the theoretical and practical aspects of orthopedics and orthodontics in children and adults.
It allows the students a daily practice of the discipline by taking into account the constraints, the limits and the risks of the individualized therapies to each patient.
The collaboration with many teams, allows us to offer a teaching open to all techniques. A large part of the teaching is reserved for the treatment of malformations on Typodont and in clinic.

Qualified candidate

  • The doctors qualified in Stomatology or Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Dentists.


Duration : 3 consecutive years – theoretical, practice and clinic
First module : 1st year – 1st module October 2020
Frequency :2-3 consecutive days monthly – theoretical and practice lectures (thursday, friday and saturday )
1 clinic day weekly (thursday)

Attendance at all activities is mandatory.

Knowledge control methods

Exam at the end of each year, with a written test and a practical test / 20 (admission with an average of 20/40)

At the end of the 3rd year: Written test / 20,
Presentation of a clinical case,
Defense of
a thesis / 20.
(Admission with an average of 30/60).


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Partner university



Please note: university and teaching fees are payable for each year of registration University fees for each year:
€ 243 per year

Teaching rights for each year

This diploma training can be part of:

Initial Training (FI): € 1,000
Students, heads of clinics registered in DESC

Individual Continuing Education (FCI): € 2,500
Liberals, employees and individuals

Employer Continuing Education (FCE): € 2,500
Job seekers and employees with financial support

Information and registration

Paris  (french language):
Pedagogical Secretariat
Phone : +33 1 42 16 13 09

Bahrein (FCEC)
Coordinator (Bahrein)
Phone : +966 5 82 66 01 44
+966 5 82 66 01 44

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