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Newly adapted first year of medical and paramedic studies

Introduction of AlterPACES

The application procedure will be online very soon, it will be possible until March 15, 2020

Following the introduction of PACES (Adapted PACES) in 2018-2019 by the Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine, as of 2019-2020 you can now apply through AlterPACES for admission into 2nd year of the MMOP (French abbreviation for Midwifery, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) health studies for the academic year starting in September 2020.

Note, not all students are eligible.

If you have completed PACES or an Adapted PACES course, you have not been admitted to any of the four health sectors (MMOP) and you have not had to resit a year, you have chosen to take another course and are currently enrolled in:

  • Your second year of your undergraduate degree (L2), cliqk there
  • Your first year of your undergraduate degree (L1), click there

If you have not completed PACES or an adapted PACES course and are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Sorbonne University in:

About implementing the PACES experimental scheme for the 2018-2019 academic year (in french)


2019-2020 academic year

Students enrolled in PACES in 2018-2019 wishing to change their course for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year 

Students enrolled in PACES in 2019-2020 at Sorbonne University who would like to change their course at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year through Parcoursup (at Sorbonne University or another university) must apply to do so on the Parcoursup platform, stating the course they would like to change to.

PACES enrolment for 2020-2021

A- If you have or will soon have a French or European high school diploma: :

pplicants living abroad, who have been awarded or will soon be awarded a French or European high school diploma [baccalauréat] must log in to

You will find the deadlines for Parcoursup at the following link:

B-If you are not French and you have an international high school diploma:

Les candidats titulaires d’un diplôme de fin d’études secondaires étranger désireux de s’inscrire en Première Année Commune aux Etudes de Santé (PASS) doivent impérativement faire une Demande d’Admission Préalable (DAP) entre novembre 2019 et janvier 2020 ( voir dates sur le site Campus France)

Applicants with an international high school diploma who would like to enrol infirst year of medecine studies (PASS) must submit a Request for Pre-Enrolment between November 2019 and January 2020 (specific dates will be determined at a later date- see campus France).

1-International applicants living abroad:

All applicants must follow ONE of the following 2 procedures:

  1. If your country has a Campus France area with a CEF [European training centre] procedure, you must contact them directly for advice or log in to their website by typing:
    www.”name of the country”
      You can submit your application form at the following link
  2. If your country of residence does not have a CEF area, you should contact the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of the French Embassy in your country of residence to obtain a “white paper”.
2- International applicants living in France:

You can obtain the “green paper” form:

French language test:

Your definitive admission to a French university depends, among other entry requirements, on your command of the French language. The TCF [Official French test] for the pre-enrolment application is intended to make sure that you have the right language level for the studies you would like to pursue.

This test is compulsory, except for applicants who meet the conditions indicated in the section “applicants exempt from the pre-enrolment official French test”.

The date and place of the Official French exam will be communicated to you at a later date

The minimum level required to enter PASS at the Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine is C1.

C-Applying outwith PARCOURSUP

This type of application is for:

  • Canadian citizens living in France
  • Children of diplomats based in France
  • Political refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons

Les candidatures dates à venir

Applications dates to come



Phone: +33 1 40 77 95 07
Contact PASS

The school office reception desk is open:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15am to 12pm and from 1:30pm to 4:15pm
  • Wednesday from 9:15am to 12pm.


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