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Medical Sciences Course


The Medical Sciences course is an additional scientific option compared to the traditional medical course, allowing medical students to acquire a solid scientific background at an early stage (DFGSM2 and 3 [medical speciality training diplomas for non-EU students]). At the end of this 2 year course ending with a 3 month laboratory placement (equivalent to the Masters 1 placement), students may choose to temporarily stop studying towards a medicine degree for 1 year in order to continue with an additional second year of masters [Master 2].
This course is therefore intended for students who are interested in scientific research and who have a good work ethic, enabling them to follow the traditional medical course while also following the other scientific courses available at the same time.

Students are selected based on their applications and interviews (during the first half of September).

Biology course

This course was created in 2008 and is aimed at students who are interested in the processes behind diseases. This is an integrated course (timetables adapted so both the medical and scientific courses can be followed) developed specifically for medical sciences students. It includes a theory element of the course in various areas of fundamental biology, as well as numerous study methods (imaging, animal models, biostatistics, etc.) related to practicals.

2017-2018 Medical sciences curriculum – 1st year

2017-2018 Medical sciences curriculum – 2nd Year

Big Data route: Bioinformatics-Biostatistics

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, a new degree route focusing on the mathematical and statistical processing of high-speed data will be offered to 2 to 3 students.

Unlike the Biology course, students will be integrated into modules in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

This degree route is currently being finalised.

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